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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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ground me ip definitely and then some. >> young lady needs to be drop kicked through the goalpost of life. >> laugh hysterically at me and tell me onto shovel the snow from the driveway. >> thanks for watching. i'm alisyn camerota. >> see you tomorrow. here is gretchen. >> fox news alert, a tense standoff continues in ukraine as russian forces fire warning shots from an air force base they now occupy. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson, welcome to "the real story." after marshalling troops into parts of ukraine, russian president vladimir putin claiming it's the west making things worse. claiming needed to go in to protect ethnic population living there. he says they are living under threat. it's the russian troops who seem to be calling all the shots.
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>> russian ambassador to the u.n. now claiming exiled ukrainian prime minister is the reason russia sent troops in. president obama spoke about the standoff just a short time ago. >> the course of history is for people to want to be free to make their own decisions about their own futures. and the international community, i think, is unified in believing that it is not the role of an outside force where there's been no evidence of serious violence, whether there's been no rational under international law to intervene in people trying to determine their own destiny.
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>> chief white house correspondent ed henry live at the white house for us. ed, what is the president saying today. >> the president playing defense, doing it at an event in d.c. at an elementary school. trying to talk about education and domestic priorities. he took a question on ukraine. he wanted to weigh in on this. he heard this criticism he's been weak on the world stage. the president in conjunction with secretary of state john kerry who at the moment was in kiev pushing back hard against russian president vladimir putin. trying to send a unified message that it's not the administration that looks bad, it's putin that looks bad. kerry saying at one point putin vaded another country. the president also trying to put pressure. listen. >> strong belief russia's action is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making
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a different set of interceptions but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> the president and secretary of state talking about an aid package of a billion dollars to help out ukraine and deal with it from an economic standpoint. heavy pressure under secretary of state for russia to pushing back further than we've seen so far. >> the president's critics are being very vocal. what are they saying this means about foreign policy. >> dick durban has a large ukrainian population in illini, gave a speech to that community and basically said, he was told 90 minute phone call we have the picture of the president talking to putin, 90 minutes on that call. he was told by john kerry
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ominous, worrisome, vladimir would not make commitments to president obama. republicans like lindsey yshs the country. e reason is he's >> you don't talk to putin an hour and a half, have you a five-minute conversation. you say, mr. president, what you're doing is wrong. it's illegal. >> you see lindsey graham, john mccain, other top republicans hitting the president saying it goes back to other issues like red line in syria, the president when he did not follow up with u.s. military action after that line was crossed on use of chemical weapons by president assad this is coming home to roost for the president. gretchen. >> ed henry, thank you so much. meantime president john kerry arriving in kiev with the interim government there and sent a clear message to russia. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and everybody in the world we're not
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seeking confirmconfirmation. there's a better way to legitimately pursue interest in ukraine. if you were legitimately worried about citizens go, to the government, talk to them about it. go to the u.n., raise the issue in the security council. >> marco rubio, member of senate committee and my guest today good to see you, senator. >> thanks for having me. >> are the words from the president or secretary of state going to be good enough to solve this serious situation. >> you've outlined what i've made in the past, certainly mistakes this administration and other administrations have made are factoring into all this now the right steps are taken we need to do more, focus on two things. first, we have to keep it from getting worse, doing what we can to transition to normalcy, make sure it doesn't expand to
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eastern ukraine and beyond that. second, there has to be a price to pay for what they have done, diplomatic and economic price to pay. we cannot allow established norms to be that a government can simply move into a neighboring country when they don't like political direction their neighbor is headed. if we stand here we'll see that happen in more an more places around the word, particularly asia. this can spread. >> you wrote an eight-step plan to president obama about what you would do. one of the things russia would be expelled from g-8 and we should try as americans to boycott. we're getting pushback from europe. >> i think in terms of expelling them from the g-8, that's a realistic goal. it's supposed to be a collection of mature economies and democracy, it's not mature under president putin. beyond that i think our allies are reluctant because they are dependent on trade from russia
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and energy from russia. one of the long-term things not part of those eight ideas but one to examine, what energy production from the u.s. means freeing up sources in europe to remain in those countries so they are not as dependent on russia in the future as they have been in the past. i think that's an important part of it. the one thing that gives russia leverage on their neighbors is the amount of natural gas in the world they produce themselves and their neighbors. that's where the reluctance is coming from. >> some rely on them by 30% as far as oil and gas reserves. i want to tall attention. obama is neither tyrant nor pushover. in general the criticism of him being inconsistent and indecisive is closer to the mark. the accusation he's been feckless in ukraine still dubious because those demanding a stronger response have been unable to come up with one.
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is that correct in your mind or do you think people have come up with other options. >> there have been options. i'm pleased with the fact many options put forth they are taking. there's a time to be critical about the president's foreign policy. in a time of crisis i try to avoid that because i think it undermines u.s. interest around the world. that being said, i will tell you from my first days in senate i've been skeptical, quite frankly, negative, about the reset with russia. not because i didn't hope our country would have a better relationship with the russians, i understood vladimir putin was not interested in better relationships but growing influence and power of russia over its neighbors often at the expense of the united states. you have the president continuing to talk about entering these agreements with the russians when, in fact, the russians have violated every agreement they have entered into in the past. >> senator, thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> now to the budget back home with president obama setting the stage for a brand-new budget battle. with an eye on midterm elections unveiling $3.9 trillion spending plan today one month late. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live in washington. mike, have you had time to crunch numbers? >> still reading fine print. wish list, income equality. the document arrived on capitol hill this morning and includes $56 billion in new spending to expand preschool programs and provide job training. to help pay for suggestion it would include buffett tax named after warren budget, for airline passengers and tobacco products. the president sold his provision at a local school today. >> road map for expanding jobs and wages and opportunities for all americans. at a time when our deficit has been cut in half, it laos us to meet our obligation to future
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generations without leaving them a mountain of debt. >> budget also did he vote money for highways and roadways. >> republicans have a different view on spending priorities and debt. what are they saying? >> john boehner calling it perhaps the president's most irresponsible budget ever. paul ryan says it isn't a serious document, it is a campaign brochure. ryan is working on a budget of his own which is expected to take a look at poverty programs noting some work, others don't. as for the president's blueprint, the top republican on the senate budget committee blasted it. >> this budget will not work. it's bad for america. it does not get us off the debt course we're on. it has total flimflam in it, it projects we're going to raise another 1.75 trillion. the last two budgets proposed an increase of a trillion dollars in taxes. this would almost tunnel the
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amount of tax increase. >> republicans say the president's plan spends, borrows, and taxes too much, gretchen. >> thanks. fox news alert, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius presenting health and human services budget for 2015. it's happening live right now. she's joined at the press conference, as can you see, heads of hhs agencies. we'll bring you any updates as they become available. meantime a deadly average smashes an entire home. who investigators think might have caused it. hillary clinton seen as face of reset policy we were just discussing with marco rubio with russia. could the crisis in ukraine and growing unrest in the region hurt her chances in 2016? we're following latest developments in ukraine. live in kiev. shepard smith live in kiev. we will join him live straight ahead.
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investigators believe a snowboarder likely caused a deadly avalanche. this happened in montana. among the snow traveling 20 miles an hour into a home in missoula. a woman killed and an 8-year-old boy hurt. neighbors helped free the victims after they were buried in all that snow. the crisis in ukraine setting up a tricky situation now for hillary clinton as she grapples with a possible white house run. secretary of state clinton was the face of the obama administration's so-called reset policy with russia. in 2009 she even presented the russian foreign minister with that infamious y ouinfamous res. fox news contributor and larry o'connor host of morning on the
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mall and drive at 5:00 in washington, d.c. great to see both of you. >> hi, gretchen. >> kirsten, is this a problem for hillary clinton, especially the image of the reset button with the russian foreign minister? >> i don't think so. i don't think it really has that much to do with president obama, so i don't know how it could have anything to do with hillary clinton. >> in what way? >> that was about the relationship between the united states and russia, not about russia and the ukraine. what's going on between russia and ukraine was really nothing to do with the united states. putin wasn't going to stand by and do nothing regardless of who the president of the united states was. we're seen other confliblgts when george bush was president and they went into georgia. it's specific to that area. they wouldn't have not done what they did because of hillary clinton and barack obama. can you critique the response to
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it. as for what caused it, i don't think it had anything to do with the president or hillary. >> larry. >> i think hillary clinton can't have it both ways. she can't run as the greatest secretary of state the united states ever had, this whole thing with russia and ukraine, that had nothing to do with me. this happened because the eunice with drawing on international stage. think of all the times the president and his isn't of state over the last five years have made threats, drawn lines in the sand and nothing to back it up. vladimir putin wants to get the old band together, reunite the old soviet union. he's on record to say that. it's going to hurt hillary clinton if she runs on foreign policy. i predict she won't, she'll shift and run on domestic issues. >> national elections are rarely focusing on foreign policy. they tend to come back to jobs and economy. i don't know if that will be helpful or hurt full in 2016
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anyway. i guess i'm a little surprised what you said at the outset. you don't believe putin's actions have anything to do with the foreign policy this administration laid down over the last years? >> not even remotely. if you think back to when russia went into georgia, 2008, george bush was president, none of the people claiming current policy, went into georgia because president bush was weak or president bush had done something to cause it. the same people who are also calling president obama naive and saying he doesn't understand bad people are now blaming president obama for putin being putin. for putin doing what he's going to do and for doing what he's done before, what he will do in the future. >> do you agree with that? >> i have a lot of respect, i think she's right a lot of times, not this time.
11:19 am
no one saying this is barack obama's fault. >> yes, they are. to be fair, they are saying that. >> i'm not saying that. i can tell you when george bush was president, and the invasion of georgia happened, there were a lot of voices saying bush should do something. the problem was it didn't happen because george bush was weak. there was no response because george bush had been weakened. he had been weakened by so many on the left saying he was a cowboy and trying to do more. that happened in the middle of a presidential election. people were warning especially in this town, washington, d.c., warning him not to do anything about it because it might change presidential election. >> i'm not talking about reaction, i'm talking about whether or not it happened because the president of the united states was weak. nobody was saying that happened because he was weak and therefore felt emboldened to do it. >> interesting discussion and very valid points. >> mine is more.
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>> come on. see you again soon. thank you. some scary moment here as a crook mugs someone for their cell phone. should smart phones have a so-called kill switch to protect information if you become the victim of theft. the latest on that coming up next. possible bad news for a couple that found more than $10 million in gold coins. why they may have to return all of them now to the u.s. government. a company claims it can determine your approximate date of death with a simple blood test. scary? which brings us to our question of the day. if you could take a test to determine when you're going to die, would you do it? tweet me @gretchen carlson. i have to think about this. would i want to know? ...return on investment wall isn't a street...
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the new thoer merging on $10 million worth of gold coins found by a california couple last week. turns out the buried treasure may be part of a heist from the san francisco mint more than 100 years ago. the coins in mint condition. their face value, that's what's linking it to the case. plus they were in chronological order, another sign they were unused and actually came from the mint. a rare 1866 liberty $20 coin even lends credibility to the long held theory that the heist was an inside job. will the couple have to give it back? that remains to be seen. meantime the biggest target for thieves may not be your walt but your smartphone. criminals becoming more brazen
11:25 am
in stealingw growing calls for switch to make it inoperable if a thief steals it. david, explain this kill switch and how it would operate? >> gretchen, no matter how expensive, doo dads and features, a smartphone that cannot be turned on become nothing more than a paper weight. even the world's dumbest criminals don't want to risk stealing a smartphone they know will be worth less. that's the idea behind the kill switch. once a phone is stolen, the owner can issue a deactivation command. the phone simply won't work. authorities say it could help curb a national epidemic of cell phone thefts causing billions of dollars. a mandatory kill switch is long overdue and calling for national legislation to require smartphone manufacturers to include the feature. they were accompanied by 23-year-old megan who was shot and killed during a smartphone
11:26 am
robbery. >> monday i hear about a cell phone someone tried to steal over the weekend. people sometimes attacked on a subway, held up at a bus stop, it's happening a lot. this is not a random act. it happened to megan, it's happening to people. >> the idea of a kill switch is not new. it is, gretchen, gaining a great deal of momentum. some would argue in some form it's almost inevitable. >> seems like a good idea. critics, what do they say? >> proponents fear potential abuse could take place by the government. critics worry intelligence agencies that already monitor our calls now might have the ability to completely turn them off. another ashably less intrusive solution is a broad-based stolen phone database that will alert service providers simply not to activate a phone reported stolen. a government required kill p switch is intrusive and consumer
11:27 am
alone should be able to decide what they want. apple product, for example, already have theft protection on phones and tablets and other manufacturers are now following their lead. in the meantime, though, cell phone theft is now the largest property crime in the u.s. gretchen. >> wow, amazing. all right, david. thanks so much. midterm elections under way already in the lone star state. how much obamacare could help or hurt candidates. plus russian president vladimir putin doesn't plan to send troops further into ukraine but is warning russia it reserves the right to protect its interest. shepard smith live in kiev with more. shep. >> gretchen, the concern is of the people here that they won't become a ground war but might be a mistake which could lead to a shooting conflict. i'm over independence square in kiev for live reports. we'll take you into the square where the uprising begins when
11:28 am
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another major delay in the works for obamacare. continue to let insurers offer health plans considered substandard. remember the bad apple one according to president obama. the pressure could ease pressure on democrats by avoiding another cancellation just weeks before voters go to the polls. the first witness in the oscar pistorius murder trial
11:32 am
breaking down in tears. the neighbor recalled hearing terrified screams of reeva steenkamp moments before pistorius shot her through a door. lakes in the midwest almost completely frozen over. temps set to plunge, the record of 95% ice cover over all five great lakes could fall by the weekend. fox news alert on growing standoff in ukraine. russian forces firing warning shots in crimea as president vladimir putin claim western actions are driving ukraine into an aerg. he's reserving the right to use force and warning russia will retaliate if united states uses sanctions. russia claims they have to protect russian minority population in the country. with scenes like this one, ethnic russians storming buildings with clubs and boards, not many in the international community buying that they actually need help. secretary of state john kerry now in ukraine meeting with
11:33 am
interim government. our own shepardsmith is live in kiev. so shepard, tell us what you're seeing tonight. >> the concern is not that there will be a ground conflict but that one side or the other might make a mistake that would result in shooting one way or the other and this thing could escalate quickly. there are no signs of that yet. right now standing over independent square in kevin ukraine where this uprising began months ago where it turned to flames in the past week. the word tonight it's enshrouded in an incredibly heavy fog. we heard gunfire in the last 10 minutes or so. there have been no reports of violence. i took pictures when we first came to independent square five or six hours ago and wanted to show you it's turned into a memorial site. so many fought and died before russian troops ever arrived. as the state the government was in trying to keep protesters back, they tried to maintain
11:34 am
independence square. flowers by the millions. people really with stunned, absent looks on their faces, many saying they don't know what the future holds. not just for the crimean region which we'll visit tomorrow and from which we'll be reporting but really the whole country. whether they will be able to hold it together. whether the west, especially europe, will be able to give the support ukrainian people need and whether vladimir putin will continue his saber-rattling or ratchet up a notch to something else. it's come on so quickly many people are concerned what the future of this country really will be. we'll have full coverage top of the hour. shepard smith reporting live. gretchen, back to you. >> shepard, liver in kiev, thanks so much. developments at election headquarters. with the first primaries in midterms under way. new polls on key issues like health care show americans trust democrats more than republicans by a margin of 44% to 36% on the
11:35 am
big issues. that doesn't seem to be translating to into a political advantage for the dems, with another poll finding a key battle for senate republicans actually lead generic battle by 50 to 42 margin. joining me mou senior politics writer. what are we to make of these diverging polls? >> vice president biden actually telling democrats last week they have got to get some spine, stand up, talk about the issues they care about. as you mentioned, this poll out today showed americans agree with democrats going down the line when it comes to minimum wage, immigration reform, even trust on the economy. the problem is the playing field for democrats in 2014 is not on their turf. it's mostly in red states. you have about half a dozen states with key senate battles that president obama lost twice. states like arkansas, louisiana,
11:36 am
west virginia, south dakota. that makes it a lot tougher. president obama around 46% nationally. in those states, he's in the 30s, barely in the 40s. that makes him a lot tougher. >> the reason that's so important, of course, in the midterm elections, republicans only they'd to take over six of those senate seats to get the majority also in the senate. they already have it in the house, which would really make president obama a lame duck president. correct? >> right. that's the big fear in the white house. that's why you have a bunch of democratic senators going to the white house saying, look, you've got to help us. that may mean staying away. that's why you'll probably see more of president clinton out on the campaign trail, president obama in a lot of states. yes, if the democrats lose the senate and six seats, that's what it's going to take this year, you know, he's going to be out of luck for a second term agenda.
11:37 am
>> it's interesting. if you look at that first poll and think about 2016 presidential election republicans have a lot of work to do. another nugget in the poll said two in three think gop is out of touch with concerns for people in the united states today. two out of three. it's interesting how you pair it down to these specific states being red states but how do you rationalize that figure. >> it's part of the gop rebrand, starting to launch from the republican national committee on the way down. i think another problem is the republicans are leaderless right now. who is the leader of the republican party. some might say speaker john boehner in the house. some people might know of mitch mcconnell nationally. you've got national figures fighting over the direction of the party. are they going the chris christie direction or rand paul ted cruz direction. i think that will sort out in the primary. that's the way, you know, the republicans sort of a double
11:38 am
edged sword. it's a way to define their party. another tough primary battle looming in 2016. you're likely to have a very big field. if that's a very big field standing up against hillary clinton, that's presumed right now, of course, that could make it tougher to win the general. >> yet right now the eight point advantage among voters in states with senate races, hard to believe, david, we're coming up against another election in a couple of months. here we go again. in the meantime a lot to talk about with russia and ukraine. we'll get back to that. thanks so much. russian media reporting that the russian government has now test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, an icbm. jennifer, what do you know about this stunning all right? >> we've just been able to confirm with defense officials in fact russia did test icbm.
11:39 am
they were not surprised by this test. proper notifications were made by the russian government under s.t.a.r.t. treaties. it was not a surprise but certainly comes at a very tense time with u.s. russian relations, secretary kerry just left kiev on route to paris, a strong statement about the intention of the u.s. to back the new ukrainian government. the timing is certainly raising eyebrows. the defense department and other u.s. officials said they were not surprised by this icbm test that took place today. the last time russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile was december 26 of 2013. so they do periodically test these missiles. again, it is seen as a bit provocative at this very tense time in relations in the west and russia right now. >> what do you make of it? according to our reporting here at fox, the u.s. tests these
11:40 am
types of missiles once every six months as well. obviously it is a provocative move by putin who just got off the phone with president obama and you've got john kerry in the ukraine. >> that's right. russia put out a statement in january, early january, saying they were planning a series of tests, of missiles that would take place around this time. so they have been scheduled. according to defense officials we've spoken to, this was for research and development, so it is not being seen as an act of war, if you will, or anything provocative like that. but it certainly comes at a very tense time. no doubt it is an attention getting exercise by >> all right. we'll keep our eyes on this as it develops. jennifer out of washington, thank you. coming up on "the real story," a 14-year-old claiming her teachers made her stand outside in a just wet bathing suit and towel in some of the coldest conditions of the year. how that happened. a bus driver who says he was
11:41 am
just trying to help a hungry child. then he was fired. why? apparently because of a facebook post. we're going to talk to him and his lawyer live when we get back.
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11:45 am
would you do that. repricing airplane character role for tourism commercials for the state of wisconsin. they want to cut through the clutter of tv ads from other states. >> roger. >> what? >> boating, fishing, biking. >> huh? i wish i was down there. >> roger. >> my name is kareem. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious and don't call me shirley. >> very cute. meantime a school bus driver trying to help a hungry middle school student fighting back. johnny cook was fired last spring after posting a message on facebook expressing concern for the student who told him he was denied a school lunch because he was $0.40 short. cook wrote in part, this child is already on reduced lunch and we can't let him eat. are you kidding me? the next time we can't feed a kit for $0.40, call me. we'll scrape up the money. the school district responding with this statement.
11:46 am
we're disappointed this lawsuit has come forward based on faulty information. it completely misrepresents the actual situation that occurred. this lawsuit was not about whether a child gets fed but whether the school district can stop false information linked to our school through the internet. clearly free speech is a protected right. but knowingly spreading false information and defaming our school district is another. joining us now bus driver johnny cook and his attorney mike kendall. great to see both of you gentlemen. >> good afternoon. >> thank you, gretchen. >> take me back to this day when you picked up this student and what happened? >> i picked up the student and we were probably 15 minutes into our bus route. he said i'm hungry, mr. johnny. of course i said, what are you doing hungry, buddy, didn't you eat lunch? he said, no, they wouldn't let me. i said what do you mean they wouldn't let you. he said, well, my launch account was overdrawn so they wouldn't let me eat.
11:47 am
i said, they wouldn't let you charge it? he said, no, sir. i said, how much are your lunches? >> he said $0.40. i said $0.40 and they wouldn't let you eat. i didn't pursue it further with the child but thought about it all week. i had had other occurrences along the same lines happen with other children happen to my child. when i got home that evening, heavy on my heart, i made the facebook post out of concern but out of a heavy heart, out of a heavy heart for a child going hungry in our county. >> so then you apparently got in a whole heck of a lot of trouble for doing that, because they fired you. >> i did. i did. the next day i went in to work and performed my duties like normal morning and afternoon. that afternoon i got a call from my superintendent -- my supervisor to advise me we had a
11:48 am
meeting with the superintendent on the following day. i said uh-oh, do i have a job? she said, you know, i don't think so but i've been fighting for you all day long. >> wow. >> so i went into the meeting knowing that i was going to be terminated at that meeting. >> let me bring in your lawyer there. mr. kendall, isn't there such a thing as first amendment rights in this country? >> you would think so, gretchen. many people have fought for this right for citizens like johnny. one thing i want to point out in this particular case is this is not a situation where you have a private employer attempting to regulate what an employee can or cannot say on social media. this is a situation where you have the government, a governmentalentity and governmental actor tempting to regulate what an employee can or cannot say on his own private time, private facebook page.
11:49 am
>> claims he was fired for violating the school's social media policy. they claim they have surveillance video that shows this child did not actually go into the lunch line that day. i know you say that doesn't matter. why? >> it doesn't matter whether he went into the lunch line that day, because johnny had a reasonable belief that what the child told him was true. when the reporting began in may and june of 2013, the child through his family issued a statement that, in fact, he had told johnny exactly what yellowstone posted on his facebook. the question is not whether it actually happened. the question is johnny having a reasonable belief what he posted was true can be terminated as an employee of the government. >> now you have filed a lawsuit. besides getting your job back, mr. cook, what do you want? >> i would definitely like a change in policy, if not in our country but all over the nation, that would allow employees to
11:50 am
speak their mind over you know something that concerns them. we've got a lot of great employees in our county that can't speak of because of that thumb that's over their head that says if you say anything, i'll fire you. >> you did what you thought was right that day and now you're paying the price. >> yes, ma'am. >> we'll continue to follow your story, sir. mike kendall, johnny cook, keep us posted. >> this man accused of taking a joy ride. why he did it and how we ended up drill. this teen, accusing her to stand outside in below zero temperatures. .
11:51 am
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11:53 am
11:54 am
here is a new one for you. drink drinking while flying man charges. a man tackled during an arrest in nevada. leaving whim bruises. he is eye cuesed of staelgs a plane and going on a wild ride. taking off and landing several times. officers say they found him make a quick 360-turn in the cessna. we are told he refused to get out of the aircraft and had to be taken down. a test showed his blood-alcohol level was a bit over the legal limit. a minnesota school feeling the heat after a simple fire drill. so it was negative five degree was a 25-below windchill when the fire alarm went off last week. a ninth grader said she got frostbite after she had to leave
11:55 am
her class and stand outside in a wet bathing suit barefoot. it sounds totally like it could never happen but i know it did. >> it did. it was the vepd of the swim class. most of her classmates had already gotten out of the pool and gotten dressed. when the alarm went off, she was still in the water and her clothes were in her locker. she had to leave the building. listen to her. >> i got my towel, i walked wrought side. it was really cold. the kids made a circle around me. other kids were school. >> she is wrought side barefoot and wet hair and wet suit. one of her classmates gave her a jacket and another gave her a sweatshirt to wrap around her feet. she could not get into a faculty member's car because it is against school policy. after ten minutes they finally broke the rules and allowed her to get inside after car. her mom came to pick her up and took her to a doctor. sure enough, she had mild
11:56 am
frostbite and mom, as you may imagine, was not very happy. listen. >> as soon as seen her outside soaking wet in bathing suit and barefoot they should have done something. the ultimate goal is to keep them safe and protect your children. in this instance they did a poor job. >> the school district's response was pretty much a non-response saying, i'm quoting here, st. paul public schools continue to work with the st. paul fire marshal to regularly review these procedures, including cold-weather modifications and will make any changes based on their recommendations p.m. it does not deal with the subject apartment hand. we contacted the high school and they have yet to contact us back. they have also not responded to the family on this matter, but we assume they will. >> wow. this story is far from over. trace, thank you. all right. well, corvettes, yes. something about corvettes. yes. where are had?
11:57 am
rescue. from this crumbling scene. find out exactly what happened when they went into a massive sinkhole. can they be brought up and restored?
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
corvettes rescued from a sinkhole. the first few out of eight lifted from a gaping hole that opened up last month. six more are still stuck. gretchen, thanks. it is live on the ground in ukraine. we are live in kiev where we have a front-row seat as a global crisis continues to unfold. just within the last 20 minutes here in kiev we got confirmation that the russian military did indeed set fire to a ballistic missile. we are shaping details about that test and its timing. plus today, i will take down into independence square here in kiev where all of this began. we will look at the spot where it happened and where it could be going. and how folks here in the kiev and in the united states and around the world are being tested. let's get to it.